ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays

Worldwide, ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays have been in installed in over 5000 columns that range in inner diameters 28" to 402" (760 mm to 10200 mm).

Retrofitting existing trays with AMT's high performance trays have been field proven to yield up to a 40% increase in throughput at comparable unit energy cost. Likewise, equipping new grass-roots towers with AMT ADV trays may allow at least 20% more capacity or up to 17% energy savings compared the industry standard trays.

The larger the fractionation or distillation column design diameter, the greater the advantages of the AMT ADV trays in terms of initial equipment cost, speedy field installation, ease of maintenance, and operating energy savings.


ADV® TRAY Advantages

AMT ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays consist of a combination of various design features outlined below that allow for greater tray performance compared to the industry standard design. This in combination with our decades of design expertise will allow us to help you achieve the highest performance tray possible (i.e., capacity, efficiency, pressure drop, turn-down and run-time) for your application. When compared with typical conventional valve or sieve trays, AMT ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays offer: 

  • Up to 40% greater throughput capacity
  • Up to 15% better fractionation efficiency
  • Up to 20% lower pressure drop
  • Greater turn-down ratio
  • Resistant to fouling and longer column run time
  • Minimum modification for debottlenecking
  • Easier field installation of trays
  • Quick return on investment of de-bottlenecking cost
  • Lower initial investment for new towers


To obtain the above benefits, ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays incorporate the following key patented features:


advanced dispersion valves (ADV®)

Canopies are located on top of the Advanced Dispersion Valves. They create extra vapor outlets, which lead to uniform micro-dispersion of the vapor for improved vapor-liquid contact. The canopies also act as directional flow promotion devices, which help eliminate stagnant liquid pools and promote uniform liquid plug flow and froth densities across the entire bubbling area. With the feature, most fouling materials settling on the tray deck are eliminated, which leads to extended column run time.  



Typically, tray panels are connected with bolting constructions which result in approximately 75 mm to 100 mm wide of inactive zones between tray panels.

These typical inactive zones on the tray decks allow liquid to by-pass (i.e., no contact with vapor) and also offer opportunity for any fouling material to settle (due to no vapor/liquid contacting action). 

Active Joint.jpg

AMT ADV Trays are designed with AMT’s patented Quick-Connect Active Tray Joints, which allow easy installation while also eliminating the inactive tray joints found in all other trays. As a result, the Quick-Connect Active Tray Joints: 

  • Allow more effective and evenly distributed active area for vapor/liquid contact to increase tray capacity
  • Eliminate liquid by-pass for better tray efficiency
  • Eliminate inactive zones on the tray to avoid any fouling material settling on the tray decks (extending the column run-time)
  • Help reduce typical tray installation time by 30-50%


The AMT ADV Pinnacle Performance Tray is designed with unique inlet bubble promoters to allow for froth initiation near the inlet area of the active panels. The froth initiation helps minimize the liquid gradient on the tray and promotes uniform froth distribution across the entire tray active area. This results in higher tray capacity and operating flexibility. 



The downcomer design is an integral part of an optimized and balanced tray. Several types of downcomer designs, including our patented Downcomer Distributor technology, are available for the AMT ADV Trays. With AMT's vast experience in how each downcomer type performs, AMT is able to fine tune tray performance to each application.



For a typical plant modernization (revamp) project, the typical throughput is increased by 30% and the project can be carried out during the scheduled maintenance turn-around, which is normally 2 months or less. Expedited installation time frames can be facilitated by using our experienced field installation supervisors and engineers.


the AMT ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays allows:

  • Reuse of all existing fractionation columns
  • No need to enlarge inlet vapor nozzles
  • No need for new foundation work or reinforcement
  • No costly and time-consuming replacement of larger columns as in past practices
  • Quick return on investment of the new mass transfer equipment investment, usually within one year
  • Significant improvement to column performance


When to contact AMT:

  • When your process licensors inform you you need to replace existing columns
  • When the experts inform you to enlarge the inlet vapor nozzles
  • When you are told you have to have new foundation work or reinforcement
  • When you are being sold mass transfer equipment (typical valve or sieve trays) designed in the 90’s or even 50’s
  • When they tell you to hire an army of installers

Though AMT recommends that process licensors and plant owners adapt the high performing AMT ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays for new plant construction or current process plant modernization (revamp), AMT can design and fabricate almost any conventional tray optimized with ADV tray features to fit your needs with any of the above improvements.

With all of the added advantages it just makes sense to incorporate the state of the art AMT ADV Pinnacle Performance Tray features instead of the antiquated conventional trays for all applications; The lower initial equipment cost, speedy field installation, ease of maintenance, greater operating energy savings, and our expert support provides greater return on investment and performance than the leading competitors.

You can count on AMT for a solid second opinion, we are just an email or phone call away.