AMT’s ADV Pinnacle Performance Tray series also includes the AMT ADV® - MP High Capacity Tray, an advanced multi-pass tray design. Proprietary features of AMT ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays are utilized with a unique downcomer configuration to maximized capacity and processing throughput.



Conventional multi-pass trays consist of multiple (rectangular-shaped) downcomers along parallel paths across the tray, while employing perforated active panels for the remaining tray areas. The trays are rotated 90º from the adjacent trays. While the multi-pass downcomers hanging above the tray increase tray active area and overall weir length (both are beneficial for achieving higher tray capacity), multi-downcomer trays have known inherent problems, i.e., poor liquid flow distribution and the existence of stagnant pools on trays. As a result, typical multi-pass trays have been known for 10–15% lower tray efficiency than that of conventional sieve or valve trays. AMT's ADV -MP High Capacity Tray solves these issues.


After decades of experience AMT wanted to improve the typical multi-pass trays implemented by the leaders in the industry. To eliminate the inherent problems associated with multi-pass trays, AMT developed a radically different version of the multi-pass tray, the "ADV -MP High Capacity Tray”, to optimize tray performance. The key advantage of the ADV -MP Tray is its unique way of arranging downcomers as shown below. 


The AMT ADV -MP Trays form an inter-connected (lattice-like) downcomer assembly. Similar to conventional multi-pass trays the AMT ADV -MP Trays are also rotated 90° from the adjacent trays. While having about the same total downcomer area as a conventional multi-pass tray, the AMT ADV -MP Trays discharge liquid in the center of the active area of the tray below to facilitate a radial liquid pattern. By using proprietary technology on the tray a nearly perfect radial liquid flow pattern and uniform liquid flow distribution (with no stagnant liquid pools) on the active areas can be achieved. In addition the linked downcomer assembly passively balances liquid and froth levels across the entire tray, further improving distribution. 

High performance fixed or floating ADV (Advanced Dispersion Valves) are applied to ADV -MP Trays. ADV -MP Trays are an ideal choice for high liquid rate applications, e.g., Absorbers, Depropanizers, and Ethylene/Propylene Splitters. 

ADV -MP Trays also have removable quick-release downcomer and tray panels that act as manways. This allows for easy tray inspection and maintenance typically not found on multi-pass designs.


AMT ADV -MP Trays have been field tested in several revamp applications to replace conventional or typical multi-pass trays to increase capacity without altering existing columns or internal supports. If significantly increased capacity and lower pressure drop is needed our AMT ADV -MP Trays can be designed to fit your existing tower internal supports.


The chart demonstrates the capacity advantages of AMT’s ADV -MP Tray over a typical 4-pass valve or sieve tray. 

ADV -MP Trays offer the following advantages over typical 4-Pass valve or sieve trays:

  • Higher Capacity (>25%)
  • Approximately the Same Tray Efficiency
  • Lower Pressure Drop (>15%)
 ADV MP Capacity Advantages

ADV MP Capacity Advantages