We have developed innovative process technology since 1997. We hold 149 US and foreign patents on separation equipment and chemical process technologies with even more patents pending. AMT's products and services offer an array of benefits to process licensors and plant owners including:

  • Consume less energy

  • Recover more process heat

  • Reduce product loss

  • Adapt more efficient unit processes

  • Incorporate advanced mass transfer equipment

  • Increase run-time of all operating units

  • Eliminate unnecessary use of superfluous chemical agents or additives for ED (extraction distillation)

AMT, the developer of ADV® Pinnacle Performance Tray Technologies, offers:

Integrating ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays and/or other AMT advanced mass transfer equipment has achieved up to 35% reduction in production cost for:

  • PTA producers

  • BTX recovery of hydrocarbon mixtures like pygas (pyrolysis gasoline)

  • Ethanol Anhydride production.

To find out how AMT can help you achieve all the benefits listed above for new plant construction and/or modernization (revamp) of existing process plants contact us today.