AMT's products and services can offer an array of benefits to process licensors and plant owners as follows:

  • Consume less energy
  • Recover more process heat
  • Reduce product loss
  • Adapt more efficient unit processes
  • Incorporate advanced mass transfer equipment
  • Increase runtime of all operating units
  • Eliminate unnecessary use of superfluous chemical agents or additives for ED (extraction distillation)

AMT, the developer of ADV® Pinnacle Performance Tray Technologies, offers:

Integrating ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays and/or other AMT advanced mass transfer equipment has achieved the maximum of up to 35% reduction of production cost for:

  • PTA producers
  • BTX recovery of hydrocarbon mixtures like pygas (pyrolysis gasoline)
  • Ethanol Anhydride production.

Contact us to find out how AMT can help you acheive all the benifits listed above for new plant construction and/or modernization (revamp) of existing process plants.