Though AMT recommends that process licensors and plant owners adapt the ultimate performance ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays for new plant construction or current process plant modernization, AMT can design and fabricate any of the following conventional fractionation trays to meet your specifications:

Most tray may be designed with Pinnacle Performance Tray features including: Quick-Connect Active Joints, Inlet Bubble Promoters, and our advanced Downcomer Distributor Design.


tray conventional.png

Sieve Trays

  • The most economical option for operations with low turn-down requirements

Conventional Valve Trays

  • Available with both floating and fixed valves for different operating conditions

bubble cap tray.png

Bubble Cap Trays

  • Risers on tray deck are covered by caps. Caps are mounted on risers to create passage for vapor. Holes on side of cap for vapor outlets.
  • Especially powerful for operations with extremely low liquid and vapor rate, such as glycol dehydration

other tray types

  • Dual Flow Trays
  • Orbit Flow Trays
  • Baffle Trays
  • Disc & Donut Trays
  • Cartridge Trays
other trays.png