AMT is a conventional tray fabricator and designer. If you need a simple, low cost, solution for revamps or new columns, conventional sieve trays, fixed or floating valve trays, and bubble cap trays can meet your needs. We offer a comprehensive profile of tray designs and offer tray features that can improve tray performance over standard designs.

Most trays may be designed with Pinnacle Performance Tray features including: Quick-Connect Active Joints, Inlet Bubble Promoters, and our advanced Downcomer Distributor Design to increase performance and decrease installation cost.

Though AMT recommends that process licensors and plant owners adapt the ultimate performance ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays for new plant construction or current process plant modernization, AMT can design and fabricate any of the following conventional fractionation trays to meet your specifications:


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Sieve Trays

  • The most economical option for operations with low turndown requirements

Conventional Valve Trays

  • Available with both floating and fixed valves for different operating conditions


Bubble Cap Trays

Bubble Cap Trays

Bubble Cap Trays

  • Best for high turndown application, Risers on tray deck are covered by caps. Caps are mounted on risers to create passage for vapor. Holes on side of cap for vapor outlets.

  • Especially powerful for operations with extremely low liquid and vapor rate, such as glycol dehydration

other tray types

  • Dual Flow Trays

  • Orbit Flow Trays

  • Baffle Trays

  • Disc & Donut Trays

  • Cartridge Trays

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