AMT offers expertise in performing mechanical 2D/3D design and engineering for all of our products and/or similar non-OEM products and use our in-house expertise to validate mechanical integrity of the products. 

We offer the following services:

  • Computer Aided Engineering (3D Design)

  • Mechanical optimization and validation of products and designs using FEM / FEA simulation (AMT's or other OEM's products)

  • Technical report and drawing generation

  • Fabrication of large scale steel plate and sheet metal products (specifically column internals and trays)

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Computer aided engineering (3D DESIGn)

We engineer all of our products using 3D modeling software to eliminate design errors, provide accurate properties, reduce lead times using our 3D model libraries, and provide 3D visualization of our product assemblies to our customers.

This greatly increases effective communication between designer, fabricator, installer, and customer leading to faster fabrication and installation.


Our simulation experts utilize models directly from our 3D software to optimize key metrics and validate any design. We offer mechanical calculation reports which can provide analytical and/or FEM/FEA results to ensure your confidence in our products.

For complex systems AMT also offers detail design services including: Vibration, Frequency, Linear Stress, Structural, Thermal, and Finite Element Analysis. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that your products will perform.

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3D Optimization Plot Image.JPG

OPTIMIZATION and trade studies

AMT uses our expertise, know-how, analytical, empirical, and numeric methods to find the best solutions for your needs. We seek to beat system performance objectives while keeping our customer costs extremely competitive.

Good decision making is critical to performance outcomes, let our experience and optimization tools be your guide.

technical drawings and reports

We generate and provide all of the required technical documentation and reports for better understanding of the final product design concept and commissioning into service.

We also keep all these documents on hand so we can assist you for your next project or turn around.



AMT utilizes several fabrication facilities around the world. We take pride in ensuring our products meet the highest standards by controlling the entire design and fabrication process from start to finish. We can continue to ensure quality through installation as well by using our field installation supervisors and engineers.

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