AMT holds 149 US and Foreign patents on separation equipment and chemical process technologies. AMT has been at the leading edge of innovation since it's conception in 1997 with our technology. AMT's in-house expertise with 3D modeling, CFD, and FEA, allows for better understanding of the conceptual design challenges, and provides an easier path to capturing ideas and realizing final products.



AMT's leading experts and senior members have near 200 years of shared experience in the industry.  This combined knowledge allows AMT to solve problems before they arise, find unique solutions to complex challenges, and continually innovate for each design case to maximize return on investment for our customers.


proven by EXPERIENCE

AMT has successfully implemented it's process technology and mass transfer equipment in over 5000 columns worldwide. Our experience and success shows not only our commitment to our customers, which many are repeat customers, but also proves our technology can improve a vast range of applications.


DESIGNED WITH Quality in mind

AMT is among the pioneers in introducing 3D modeling for designing all products to eliminate oversights during design and to ensure quality during fabrication. Using these same 3D models, our experts regularly perform FEA and CFD to ensure all designs meet our high standards of performance. Utilizing 3D data also allows us to effectively communicate designs to our fabrication personnel and our customers which eliminates communication bottlenecks.