AMT provides strength improvements to new or existing tray designs that can decrease or eliminate surge and explosion damage. AMT has replaced damaged trays designed by others in columns all over the world because our customers understand the importance of preventing costly tray damage.

Contact us today so we can recommend the best design improvements for you so you can avoid a costly shutdown or repair.


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  • It is well-known that even the most heavily constructed trays may be damaged or deformed by severe pressure surges or explosions. Instead of increasing construction strength, which has limits and is not cost effective at very high pressures, AMT developed “PRD” Pressure Relief Design to handle pressure surges or explosion issues during operation.

  • With the “PRD” Tray, selective tray panels are installed with special apparatus for to allow for depressurization. When a pressure surge or explosion happens, the movable panels are lifted by the over pressure condition to relieve the pressure. Thus, the damage to the trays and other internals, can be minimized / eliminated.

  • The Pressure Relief Design can be applied to various types of trays and customized to adapt to unique existing tray designs or operating conditions.


  • Prevent tray damage during surges or explosive events

  • Floating valves can be used as the panel will be forced to lift up prior to excessive force dislodging any of the floating valves out of their respective holes

  • Column can be operated longer with minimum concern over damaged internals.

  • Customization to specific operating conditions

  • Can be installed on existing trays to prevent further damage

  • Available with almost any downcomer or tray design

AMT International PRD Tray Detail View.png