Typical Bubble Cap Tray Layout


  • Industry standard Round and Rectangular valves are available as well as specialized shapes for any application

  • Floating, Fixed, and Caged valves are available for a large range of operating conditions

  • Light and Heavy valve configurations are available

  • Valves may be punched or designed to be directional for fouling applications or as required

  • AMT offers high performance trays including our ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays and ADV-MP High Capacity Trays that may be able replace existing conventional trays to help achieve significantly higher performance.


  • Competitive Cost

  • Simplified Design

  • Average Capacity

  • Average Efficiency


Similar to sieve trays, vapor passes through openings in the tray floor and through specially shaped valves and interacts with the liquid present on the tray.

Floating valves allow for variable vapor flow rates improving turndown. At low vapor rates the valve settles over the opening to reduce liquid leakage through the tray.

At high vapor rates the valve is prevented from detaching from the tray with retaining legs or cages attached to the tray floor.