Typical Bubble Cap Tray Layout


  • A sieve tray is a mass transfer tray with circular perforations punched through the active areas on each tray floor. These holes typically range in diameter from 3/16” [4.7mm] to 1” [25.4mm] based on pressure drop and operating capacity.

  • Because no additional valve pieces are required, the sieve tray is one of the most economical trays.

  • AMT offers high performance trays including our ADV Pinnacle Performance Trays and ADV-MP High Capacity Trays that may be able replace existing conventional trays to help achieve significantly higher performance.


  • Low Cost

  • Simplest Design

  • Moderate Pressure Drop

  • Average Capacity

  • Average Efficiency


Vapor passes through the perforated holes in the tray deck and interacts with the liquid on top of the tray deck. Sieve trays have a higher entrainment rate due to liquid bypassing trays through the holes in the tray.

Efficient operation can be achieved by having a high enough vapor velocity to balance out the liquid head on the tray, thus reducing weeping through the holes.